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Police Department

Dispatch Services


Dispatch Services

Dispatch Services Provided by Troy
The City of Clawson has contracted Dispatch, Jail Services and Animal Control to the City of Troy. We are confident this change will result in our ability to provide a better level of service to the residents of Clawson. Not only will this reduce costs, but it will also provide the opportunity to increase the number of Clawson Officers available to patrol our City 24/7.

How it Operates
Emergency Calls on 9-1-1
All 9-1-1 calls are now automatically directed to the Troy Dispatch Center who will dispatch a Clawson police officer to your location. This includes 9-1-1 calls made from a cellular telephone within the City of Clawson. This change will not result in any delays in reaching a dispatcher. As always, 9-1-1 calls will be given the highest priority. Residents are reminded to use 9-1-1 only for true emergencies.

Non-Emergency Calls for Police/Fire Services
Residents are urged to begin using 248.524.3477 for all non-emergency calls for police or fire services in Clawson. The 248.435.5000 telephone number will remain in service, but will be answered by a “call attendant”. Callers will be advised they have reached the Clawson Police Department. If you have an emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Further instructions will be provided to callers to assist them in reaching the desired office. The call attendant will provide the following options: For non-emergency police or fire services, please hang up and dial 248.524.3477, or press “1” to be transferred to the Troy Dispatch Center.

To speak with someone in records, Press “2”.

To speak with the Detective Bureau, Press “3”.

To speak with the Chief of Police, Press “4”.

To leave a message for an Officer, Press “5”. Callers will then be provided with an Officer directory.

The Police Desk, and therefore the Police Station, will be open only during the following hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Closed 12:00pm–12:30pm (Lunch)
Closed 2:00pm–2:30pm (Lunch)
Closed on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Residents may come in during those hours to file police reports, obtain copies of reports, and conduct all of the other business currently available at our desk.

Lobby Telephone
A telephone is located in the front lobby, located on the south side of the building. Anyone needing to speak with a Clawson police officer or file a report can pick up the telephone and be immediately connected to the Troy Dispatch Center. A Clawson police officer will be dispatched to meet the caller at the lobby any time of day.  

These changes have been made in the interest of reducing costs, while improving our ability to provide the highest levels of service to the residents of Clawson. The changes we have made are very similar to those that have been made and are working very well in Huntington Woods, Lathrup Village, Plymouth, Farmington, and numerous other communities.  We ask for your cooperation and your support in making this an effective and efficient transition. As we move forward, we believe our residents will be very pleased with the changes and will recognize the advantages of our partnership with the City of Troy in these operations.


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