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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my car out of impound?
Impounded vehicles can only be released by the Clawson Police Department after the impound fee is paid. Vehicles will be released after you provide valid proof of ownership, proof of insurance and a valid driver's license for each vehicle that will be driven.  If there is no licensed driver present, the vehicle will be released tow only. You will be responsible for having a licensed tow truck tow the vehicle to your destination 

If you vehicle was impounded following a traffic crash, contact your insurance company and follow their instructions.Impounded vehicles are held at A and M Towing located at 2075 Austin Troy, MI 48083. Contact A and M towing at 248.740.8545.

How can I get a copy of a police report?
Police reports can be obtained from the Records Department during regular business hours. Reports that are currently under investigation will not be available for release. 

Accident reports (UD10 & Private Property) are available for purchase during regular business hours. Reports are also available for purchase online at

How much is my traffic citation and how do I pay it?
Please contact the 52-4 District Court for information regarding traffic fines and payment information.
The court can be reached at 248-528-0400.

Can I have permission to park in the street overnight?
Clawson has an ordinance prohibiting on-street parking between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am. Permission to park on the street may be granted for various reasons, contact records or dispatch prior to evening that you wish to park. 

I am going out of town, can the police department keep an eye on my home?
Please stop by the station during  business hours and fill out a vacation notification form. Completing the form will allow CPD to contact you in the case of an emergency. Clawson Officers will make every effort to keep an extra eye on your home while you are gone. You may also download the form HERE and drop it off.


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