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Premiere Plus Dance Classes - Like us on Facebook!
Hunter Community Center

To register, visit Hunter during our open business hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm!
Or register online here!

This short winter session will not be included in the recital this spring, but will give your dancer a great introduction to all we have to offer! For additional info, call (248) 229-2396 or visit the Premiere Plus Facebook page! Register at Hunter Community Center.
Thursdays              Jan 17-March 14            $70/8 Weeks

4:45pm                  Preschool Dance - Ages 3 & 4
Clap along, bounce in time to the music, march to the beat! Move like a monkey or tiger or frog or snake! Imaginative, fun, and silly with the purpose of improving large motor skills, positive social interaction and learning to follow directions.

5:15pm Moving with the Mouse - Ages 5-7
We love Disney as much as the kids! This Intro to Dance class is made all the more fun as our participants sing along with Elsa, Ariel, Cinderella, Moana and the rest of the Disney crew! We learn a little, ballet, jazz and hip hop.

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