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Snow Removal


Snow Removal

What is Clawson’s snow plowing plan? Of course, we all know the one objective is to remove snow. But to what degree and in what order of priorities? This is the way we have our priorities set now:

1. Major Streets: Major streets will be kept open at all times.
2. Fire Routes: Fire routes will be kept open at all times.
3. Residential Area Streets
4. Dead-End Streets and Cul-de-Sacs

Except for very unusual circumstances such as a major blizzard, all priorities—1, 2, 3 and 4 streets should be maintained simultaneously and kept open at all times. When this is not possible, the priority #4 Dead-End and Cul-De-Sacs would be dropped, allowing us to concentrate all available resources on the priority of #1 and #2 system.

The DPW Snow Plowing Procedure is to start with four (4) or more inches of snowfall. Major Streets are plowed first, the Fire Routes, then Residential Area Streets and cul-de-sacs.

For plowing Residential Areas, the city is divided into five (5) areas being plowed simultaneously depending on the available of manpower and equipment at all times. The normal time required to open all streets is twelve (12) hours after the snow stops. At the time as the residential plowing is in progress, snow removal is started on city sidewalks and parking lots.

Removal of Snow and Ice From Sidewalks Required

Pursuant to City Ordinance Sec. 66-2

(a)  [Responsibility for snow and ice removal.] The occupant or owner of any premises, or the owner of any unoccupied premises, is required to keep the width of the sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such premises cleared from snow and ice to facilitate safe pedestrian use. Where there are no sidewalks, the occupant or owner shall clear a path free from snow and ice where a sidewalk would otherwise be, to facilitate safe pedestrian use. Whenever any snow or ice has fallen or accumulated to the depth of one inch or more, it shall be cleared within 24 hours after it has fallen or accumulated.

(b)  Commercial properties. If after a reasonable notification by the City of Clawson that sidewalks have not been cleared as required by this section, the City of Clawson shall clear the sidewalk and access the cost and expense incurred as a lien against the premises if the amount remains unpaid.

(c)  Residential properties. The occupant of any residential property notified of a violation of this section shall promptly initiate corrective action to clear the sidewalks or clear a path. Failure to do so shall result in authorizing the City of Clawson to assess all expenses and costs of so doing as a lien against the premises if the amount so incurred remains unpaid.

(d)  [Citations.] In addition to the foregoing, the city can cause the issuance of a citation for a violation of this section.

Placing Snow in Streets is Illegal

The Uniform Traffic Code states: A person shall not deposit, or cause to be deposited, snow, ice, or slush on any roadway or highway.

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