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Manager's Message


Manager's Message

Welcome to Manager's Corner!  I hope to use this forum to share some of myself and things that are happening in Clawson.  For a relatively small 2 1/4 square mile city, we always seem to have a lot of great things happening here.  If you haven't had a chance to walk, bike, or drive around Clawson lately I will share some of things we have to offer...

Clawson is becoming quite the destination for dining experiences. Within the last few years we have added so many dining choices...Within a four block area of our Downtown, we have many unique choices such as Kahve Coffee Shop, Da Nang tasty Vietnamese cuisine, and Due Venti for a unique Italian dining experience both located on South Main Street in Clawson. We will soon have Montage Restaurant opening on South Main Street also.  Montage will provide a mix of pallet pleasers with some Mediterranean cuisine and other family options for a wide variety of tastes. We have a highly regarded Mexican restaurant in Mojave Cantina located on West 14 Mile Road with the recently opened 54 West located behind Mojave Cantina, which provides an outdoor dining option with a fire pit and outdoor bar for a place to relax and unwind after a long day. We also have Atomic Chicken located up on North Main Street near City Hall which provides great tasting sandwich options with more outdoor seating options in the works. Just look for the giant chicken on top of the building and you have found it!  The owners of Atomic Chicken also have Woodpile Barbecue on South Main Street with great outdoor seating options and fantastic barbecue options to please any pallet. They have an outdoor bar with craft beers and mixed adult beverages and they also offer homemade ice cream that completes any meal. Just across the street from Woodpile, we have YoJo Cafe which offers numerous beverage options and an amazing build-your-own yogurt station with all of the toppings you can ever imagine. We have Frittata, which is a small breakfast and lunch shop with great food options. Recently Bigby Coffee opened up on East 14 Mile Road next to Renshaw Grill and soon to open a Marconi's Pizza.

Then, of course, we have our Clawson Original stops like, Renshaw Bar and Grill, Clawson Grill, Tavern on the Main, Moose Winooski's, Noble Fish (people come from miles around for their sushi and Japanese market), Old Detroit Burger Bar, The Hideout Bar, Scooter's Dairy-O (for those ice cream lovers), Old Port Restaurant, Pizza Hut, and last, but certainly not least, for homemade craft beers and a National Gold Award Winner for one of their many craft beers Black Lotus Brewing and Restaurant located at the corner of 14 Mile Road and Main Street which is the heart of our tremendous Downtown. 

This is not everything.  We have fast food options and unique shops for those who like to walk off their meals all within walking distance of our restaurants.  A new Clawson Jewelry Store, Warp 9 for Comic Books, and Triple Thread Shirt Shop are in our Downtown.  A place for more comics and games down on East 14 Mile Road.  I have yet to run across anyone who does not associate Clawson with our most famous destination: Leon and LuLu.  The owners, Mary Liz and Steve have a great place to browse and shop for all of those unique things to please anyone and everyone on your list.  Mary Liz and Steve also plan to open "The Show" very soon right next to Leon and LuLu to offer more of their unique furniture items or that item that you just knew you had to have as soon as you saw it!   The custom-built marquee built to replicate the original marquee of the Clawson Theater many years ago, signifies this very unique store front on 14 Mile Road.  When you see it lit up at night, it takes you back to the good old days when going to the movies was a huge event.  Do yourself a favor and visit Leon and LuLu and The Show (as soon as it opens) and you will definitely want to come back again and again to see what's new and to see what you might have missed last time you visited. We have a Harp Store (the only one in Michigan) and a quaint shoe repair shop right in our Downtown. 

We had three pedestrian islands constructed with the help of a MDOT grant to help our residents and visitors across 14 Mile Road safely to reach their destinations. We are currently working on some plantings in the islands to add some softness and color to the bricks and mortar. Our goal was to help our patrons get around our City safely and so far, that is working well.
This does not cover everything going on in Clawson, but it covers a large amount of what we have to offer. Stay informed with things going on in Clawson here through our City web site, on our Downtown Clawson web site, our Clawson facebook and Twitter page, and sign up for our public service request center.  

It is very exciting for all of us to be a part of the continued growth and development in Clawson.  As always it is the residents of Clawson that make us the "Little City with a Big Heart."

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