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Investing in Clawson


Investing in Clawson

Although economic conditions are making it difficult to make ends meet, Clawson continues to take advantage of grant dollars that are available under the federal stimulus package. When combined with the state grant programs, we are stretching our tax dollars to bring our residents and businesses the most bang for their buck. Blair Memorial Library received an EECBG Energy Grant to help with lighting efficiency with the now expanded library. We also received a technology grant for new computer stations at the library. When combined with our Federal road and infrastructure grants and the DDA enhancement grant awards, the City of Clawson is expanding vital projects to cover more needs with less money.

There are still several projects being completed in Clawson. With the advantage of having grant dollars to add to our bond monies, we are continuing to stretch our tax dollars to bring our residents and businesses the most bang for their buck. Blair Memorial Library is 40% larger and much more energy efficient. This energy efficiency is already saving us operating dollars for utilities. With the added 1/3 mil the Library is now a self-sustaining entity without the reliance on the General Fund for operations.

Elmwood from Main Street to Selfridge is now completely replaced that stretch of road was the lowest rated road remaining in Clawson and is now brand new. We had originally hoped to replace many additional roads in Clawson that are in terrible shape, but the bond money has run out. Unfortunately with the bond and grant monies now expended, we will have to wait to replace some of the worst remaining roads in Clawson. The reason for this is that we had originally hoped to sell bonds for $37 million, but we ended up issuing $21.75 million as that was the amount the voters were willing to approve. With so many old water mains and crumbling roads, we stretched our bond dollars as far as we possibly could.

We also received a MDOT Enhancement Grant for $760,000 to make Downtown Clawson attractive to new businesses and assist the existing businesses with parking and add to our Downtown Clawson beautification. The additional bonds sold to complete the enhancement project will be repaid by the DDA. No additional tax dollars will be paid by the businesses or residents for this project.

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