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Building & Planning

Building Inspections & Permits


Building Inspections & Permits

A building permit is an official approval to proceed with a construction project and the intent is to ensure that the project plans comply with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction. These standards ensure the safety of current and future building owners and occupants and enforcement of zoning and land-use policies.  Permits provided include: 

  • Building Permits - For new construction, renovations, and demolition of residential and commerical properties.
  • Electrical Permits - For all electrical work done within the city.
  • Mechanical Permits - For new installation of furnaces and air conditioners or additions to the heating/cooling system.
  • Plumbing Permits - For new installation, alteration or addition to the plumbing, water heater replacement, or sewer repair.
  • Zoning Permits - for driveways and sheds under 200 sq feet, etc. that don't require a building permit. 

Trade or Zoning Permits are required for most types of work. Please call the Building Department if you aren’t sure if a permit is required. If a contractor will be doing the work, it is thier responsibility to apply for the permit. State law actually requires a contractor to pull a permit for work being done. 

Click here for permit applications 

Permit applications, plans, and all supporting documents may be submitted in multiple ways:

  1. You can request a Building Permit, schedule an inspection, or pay for a permit online. 
  2. Via e-mail with an application package to
  3. In-person at the City Building & Planning office.
  4. Via mail to the Building Department located at City Hall
  5. Dropped off in the secure dropbox at City Hall's main entrance
All inspections must be scheduled by 3:00 pm to be included on the following day's inspection schedule. To schedule an inspection, please contact the City via e-mail at or over the phone at 248-435-4500 Ext 121. 

Brian Vargason
Building Official/Inspector

248.435.4500 ext. 121
To request an inspection time frame, please leave a contact phone number
Chuck Stockwell
Electrical Inspector

248.435.4500 ext. 121
Tuesday & Thursday inspections only
9 a.m - 11a.m.

George Beattie
Plumbing Inspector

248.435.4500 ext. 121
Monday–Thursday inspections only                        
7-8 a.m. or 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Brian Claycomb
Mechanical Inspector

248.435.4500 ext. 121
To request an inspection time frame, please leave a contact phone number

Jon Ruthenbeck
Fire Marshall
248.435.4500 ext. 114
Monday–Thursday, 7:30am-5:00pm

Fire Marshal

The fire marshal is to conduct fire safety inspections in compliance of state and local codes for all commercial properties. He/she is to ensure that exit lights, fire suppression, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, exits, and storage areas are in compliance with various regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Can home owners do their own electrical work?
A  Yes. As long as they are the owner and occupant of the home.

Q  Can a commercial / industrial building owner obtain an electrical permit?
A  No. A licensed electrical contractor must obtain the permit and a licensed electrician has to be on site during the inspections.

Q  Does the City of Clawson recommend electrical contractors?
A  No. However, if you call the the Building Department at 248.435.4500 x121 they can help verify if the contractor you have selected is licensed by the City of Clawson.

Q  As a tenant, who do I call if I have electrical violations that the landlord will not repair?
A  Call the Building Department at 248.435.4500 x121. Give as much detailed information as possible, including a daytime phone number so that the inspector can contact you to arrange a date and time for an inspection.

Q  Do I need a rough inspection before the drywall is installed?
A  Yes. To make an appointment, please call the Building Department at 248.435.4500 x121 to arrange for an inspection. Call between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm

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