Test Case 3,4,5 :Dropdown & Flyouts

Dropdown with long menus wraps up properly to second line.
Long list of Dropdown is over the text and is visible

Flyout with long menus  does not wrap up properly

Test Case 6 : Text With Paragraph on enter

In the case of emergencies such as severe weather or other public hazard, Calloway County uses a "reverse 911" system to notify residents. However, more and more people are now using their cell phones as a primary point of contact and may not have (or often answer) landline telephones.

In an effort to include all residents should an emergency arise, the county has partnered with the One Call Now system. If you are a Calloway County resident, click the banner below to add your cell phone number to the emergency contact list.

Test Case 7 : Use Of Bullets
  • District 1 - Eddie Clyde Hale
  • District 2 - Connie Morgan
  • District 3 - Bobby Stubblefield
  • District 4 - Johnny Gingles
Test Case 8 : A Link          Revize, Web Content Management Software
The hyperlink wasnt visible for the link
Style.css - Line - 50 :
h1, h2, h3, p, a, li, span {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
/*text-decoration: none;*/               /*commented By Smita*/
color: #777;


Test Case 9 : Picture without border
top banner
Test Case 10 : Picture with border 5px
rotate image

Test Case 11 : Picture with space 10px and text wrap right
rotate bannerCalloway County was established in 1821 and named in honor of Colonel Richard Callaway. Calloway County is located in the Jackson Purchase Region and is in the central time zone. Murray, the County seat, is located in extreme southwest Kentucky.

Test Case 12 : Table with borders around it