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Youth Assistance

Clawson Youth Assistance


Clawson Youth Assistance

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Nancy Minckler, ACSW
626 Phillips
Clawson, MI  48017

Oakland County Youth Assistance Information

Sponsorship Update 

In April 2013, Clawson youth Assistance approached the Clawson City Council to request an additional $1,000 in order to fund camp and skillbuilding opportunities for Clawson children. Please feel free to review our budget and presentation.



Clawson Youth Assistance is a prevention program.  We believe that by strengthening families in our community, it is possible to prevent children and their families from having to become part of the large formal court system.

Youth Assistance is a community-based program whose mission is to strengthen youth and families and to prevent and reduce delinquency, neglect, and abuse through community involvement.Clawson Youth Assistance volunteers represent many different aspects of our community.  Business people, school personnel, service agency representatives, and concerned citizens are all members of our organization.

Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who live or work in the Clawson community.  They meet on a monthly basis to advise our committees in planning programs for our community.

Do you have ideas about how to help kids and families in Clawson?  Please consider volunteering with our Board of Directors!


It is through citizen involvement that our organization comes to life.  Our organization's diversity is what makes us uniquely responsive to the needs of our community.  If you would like to volunteer with Clawson Youth Assistance, please contact our office at 248.655.4401.

Clawson Youth Assistance is a non-profit organization and welcomes your tax deductible contribution.  Your donation can be sent to: Clawson Youth Assistance 626 Phillips Clawson, MI 48017.  We are proud of our sponsorships.  All contributions go directly to programming for youth and families.  The City of Clawson and the Clawson Board of Education provide us with basics such as office space, programming funds, and supplies.  The Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division (with principal funding by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners) assigns a caseworker to our Clawson children and families in need.


1.  MOBILIZES community interest, skills and forces on behalf of children and their families.
2.  INVOLVES local citizens in developing and improving services designed to control, treat, eliminate, and prevent delinquency, abuse and neglect.
3.  INDENTIFIES social, psychological and environmental factors producing antisocial behavior.
4.  Clawson Youth Assistance then CREATES and FUNDS programs to assist young people and their families in developing the skills which will decrease the likelihood of delinquent behavior, abuse and neglect.



Clawson Youth Assistance counseling services are only a phone call away.  The office is staffed by a Master's-level counselor.  Counseling information and referral services are available to families in order to help avoid official court involvement.  Parents, friends, schools, police, outside agencies and concerned citizens may make referrals for services.

Participation in our program is voluntary and family-centered.  Additionally, services are kept confidential and are available at an extremely low cost.  For help, please call 248.655.4401.


Clawson Youth Assistance provides positive family recreational activities allowing us time to socialize, meet new people and develop friendships.  When we engage in family activities we de-stress and build great memories focusing on increasing relationships with each other.


Clawson Youth Assistance provides camp scholarships for students and residents of Clawson to attend summer camps or participate in local recreational programs.  
Through its Skill Building program, Clawson Youth Assistance provides funds to youth who can benefit from a learning experience.  This could included dance, music/art lessons, sports activities, transportation, or other needs.  Requests may come from parents or guardians.  Any youth who resides in the city of Clawson and demonstrates a financial need is eligible.  Click here or Call 248.655.4401 for an application.  Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.


Clawson Youth Assistance's Family Education Program offers a series of classes and workshops to help parents understand the issues.  Please call our office for more information.


Youth Recognition is an annual spring event that recognizes and honors local young people who have volunteered their time and talent to the community.  Nominations come from schools, parents, police, or anyone who has been helped by a young person.  Please contact our office if you have a young person you would like to nominate for Youth Recognition.

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