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Frequently Asked Questions and Information


Frequently Asked Questions and Information

Below you will find valuable information regarding County services and other items of interest.


This is a common question that gets asked when thinking about living in Clawson.

Sec. 14-3. - Restrictions on barnyard animals.

(a) It shall be unlawful to maintain, in the city, any poultry or animal yard within 500 feet of nearest lot line for any building used for residential purposes by anyone other than the one maintaining such poultry or animal yard, or within 500 feet from any public way, church or school building.

(b) For purposes of this chapter, the term "poultry or animal yard," shall include every enclosure, shed or structure used to house two or more live fowl, including in the term "fowl," chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry; or two or more cattle, horses, sheep, goats, or other such domestic animals.

(c) Every person maintaining a poultry or animal yard shall keep such yard clean, sanitary, and free from all refuse. Refuse from such yard shall, when collected, be kept in airtight containers until disposed of.

(d) This section does not extend or revise in any manner the provisions of the Michigan Right to Farm Act or generally accepted agricultural and management practices (GAAMPs) developed under the Michigan Right to Farm Act.

(Ord. No. 691, 3-15-2011)


Sec. 46-11. - Outdoor burning prohibited; exceptions.


(a) Except as provided herein, open burning of any wood, leaves, grass, trash, plastic or other material is prohibited within the city except as permitted herein. Any person found violating this section shall be charged with a civil infraction and also may be responsible for any cost and expense of enforcement of the civil infraction.

(b) The use of an outdoor grill or barbeque is permitted provided a fire-suppression device is nearby when the equipment is in use.

(c) The open burning of fires other than outdoor grilling of food is also permitted under the following circumstances:

   (l) The fire is contained within an outdoor burning device such as a chimenea, commercial fire pit, fire bowl or similar manufactured device.

   (2) The fire is within a pit located in the ground and surrounded by brick tile, or other materials at least eight inches in height, with a diameter no larger than 48 inches.

   (3) The combustible material is untreated wood or charcoal.

   (4) The location of the fire is no less than ten feet from any structure and no less than 18 feet from any boundary or property line.

   (5) The fire will be attended at all times by an adult.

   (6) There must be a fire-suppression device or extinguisher nearby and available for immediate use.

   (7) All fires must be extinguished by midnight. Fires shall not be allowed to smolder.

   (8) A permit shall have been obtained from the city clerk.

(d) The city clerk shall issue permits for the fires authorized herein and may charge a fee ($10) for the issuance thereof which fee amount shall be determined from time to time by resolution of the city council. The permit shall be effective for a period of five years after date of issuance and must be renewed upon expiration.

(e) Any violation of this section can result in the following: a 30-day suspension of the permit for a first violation, a civil infraction for a second violation and the imposition of costs of prosecution on a fire conducted without any permit. Any fire extinguished by the fire department will result in the assessment of costs against the owner of the property or occupant upon which the fire was located and extinguished.

(Ord. No. 651, 8-15-2006)

Oakland County Services

Oakland County Home Improvement Loan Program

If your home needs repair, Oakland County can help. Oakland County offers affordable no cost, low-interest home improvements loans to qualified homeowners who live in the home and have a gross income that falls within the income guidelines listed below. Homeowners may receive up to $18,000 for a variety of structural, mechanical, energy conservation and health and safety related improvements.

Based on household income, loans are 3% installment loans with low monthly payments, 0% interest deferred payment loans (only the principal loan amount is repaid upon change in property ownership or occupancy) or a combination of the two loans.

Income Guidelines
Income is based on the total gross income of all family members in the household.

*The numbers below are effective March 2016

Income Guidelines
HUD Section 8 Income Limits
Effective March 2016 and subject to change.


Gross Income

6 $62,100
7 $66,350
8 $70,650

Oakland County staff will help determine needed repairs, request bids from licensed and insured contractors, assist in contractor selection and monitor the work to assure a quality job. For information call the Oakland County Home Improvement Program at 248.858.5401 or toll free at 1.888.350.0900 x 85401 or access the website at

Unclaimed Property

Visit the Michigan Department of Treasury—Unclaimed Property division The Unclaimed Property Division’s function is to assume custody of unclaimed property, not including real estate, and to return that property to its rightful owners or their heirs.

Don't Become a Victim of Mortgage Scams

View a pdf document from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Making Home Affordable, HUD Counseling, and Where to Turn.

Foreclosure Information

View a .pdf  from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) site on foreclosure information.

How to Get Rid of Rats

View a presentation by Elite Pest Management on how to get rid of rats.

Letter to Businesses on rat control.

Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Click here for a general resource guide for preventing credit card fraud and identity theft.

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