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City of Clawson Live Meetings


City of Clawson Live Meetings

Press Release: April 1, 2021

The City of Clawson will begin using live streaming services provided by MERGE LIVE for city meetings. MERGE LIVE is a digital content provider that serves corporate and government clients in the Great Lakes region. Their government clients include: State of Michigan, City of Huntington Woods, City of Wixom, Commerce Township, Lyon Township, Milford Township, Village of Wolverine Lake and White Lake Township.

A new City of Clawson YouTube channel has been created for viewing these live meetings. The new YouTube channel will provide residents with live access along with a recording of the meeting once it's competed. Additionally, YouTube will provide closed captioning of the recorded meetings (usually within 24 hours).

Video meeting participants (ie Council/members of the public wishing to participate) are requested to be logged in by 7:00 PM for audio and video checks. This will be conducted via the regular Zoom link which will also be used for members of the public that wish to participate during public discussion.  This will ensure the meeting starts promptly at 7:30 PM.

To find the Zoom link for the meeting you wish to attend please click here. Once you are on the "documents on demand" page select whichever meeting you wish to attend, then select the agendas tab, select the current year (2021), then select the PDF file for the current meeting. The agenda will load and the Zoom link is on the top of the agenda.

Meeting participants that join after 7:30 PM will use traditional telephone access by dialing the phone number provided. Only the meeting ID will need to be entered once prompted. If a participant has a comment to make they can raise their "virtual hand" by pressing *9 on their telephone keypad.  The meeting host will call on participants with raised hands for their comments when council opens the meeting to the public.

With any questions regarding the way to watch or participate in meetings please do not hesitate to contact the City Manager’s Office at (248) 435-4500 ext. 110.

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