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Oakland County Animal Control


Oakland County Animal Control

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Check out Oakland County's website to learn more information about purchasing your 2015 dog licenses.  Check out more information by clicking on their letter explaining dog licenses.

Each summer, the Oakland County Animal Control Division conducts a census to ensure compliance with the Michigan State Dog Law 1919 that requires all dogs have a license.  Licensing is an important public safety issue as it ensures that the dogs residing in our community have current rabies vaccinations.  Oakland County Animal Control will be going door to door to verify compliance starting July 22nd - the census workers will be driving marked vehicles and will be wearing county uniforms with proper identification.

Dog Licensing Fees

All dogs must be licensed in the State of Michigan at the age of 4 months and older. In order to purchase a dog license, you must present proof of a current rabies vaccination.

*You can purchase a 3 year license from the City of Clawson if you have a valid Rabies Vaccination showing an expiration of 2017 or 2018.  An example price for a 3 year license would be $7.50 (altered) x 3 =  $22.50 total  or  $15.00 (intact) x 3 =  $45.00 total

Dog License Fees

  • $  7.50 Spayed or Neutered (Altered)
  • $15.00 Male or Female (Intact)

Senior Citizen prices are for residents 65 years of age and older

  • $  6.75 Spayed or Neutered (Senior)
  • $13.50 Male or Female (Senior)

Dog License Fees are $30 if the renewal license is purchased after June 1st

Dog licenses are valid for a calendar year.  Dog licenses go on sale December 1st though November 30th of each year. The above prices apply to dog licenses purchased from December 1st through June 1st of each year. On June 2 all Oakland County dog licenses become $30 regardless if the dog is altered or if the owner is a senior. The only exceptions to this fee are puppies that just turned 4 months of age, newly acquired dogs or new residents to the area. 

You can purchase your dog’s license at the following:

  • Any participating City/Township Office including City of Clawson
  • Oakland County Pet Adoption Center at 1700 Brown Road, Auburn Hills 248.391.4100
  • Any participating Veterinary Clinic within our service area
  • On-line at

Cat licenses are not required for Clawson residents. 

If you have any questions regarding licenses please contact the City of Clawson Clerk’s Office at 248.435.4500 ext. 116 or 118.

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