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Premiere Plus Dance Classes
Hunter Community Center

The City of Clawson and Premiere Plus have been partners in bringing you quality dance education for children age 3 to teen since 1994. Our Spring production of “DJ’S CHOICE!” brings the exciting music of today’s superstars, such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Arianna Grande, and many more. For our younger dancers, Disney’s heroes, heroines and countless princesses will provide lots of fun and inspirational music for us to choose from. Our Theater production of “Dandelion Dreams” will also feature current music, as two orphaned sisters defy the odds, and sing and dance their way to stardom!

Our program is divided into two sessions, with payment due at registration and again in January. Second session payments made after January 19 will incur a late fee. The recital will be at Clawson High School in May 2018. Dancers must register for both sessions and a costume will be ordered for each class. A $35 costume deposit per costume is due in November, with the costume balance due in February.

Session I begins: Monday, September 18

Monday                   Instructor: Ms. Tiffany                                                       Per session
5:30pm                   Preschool Dance - Ages 3 & 4 (30 min)                                  $90
6pm                          Moving with the Mouse - Grades K-2 (40 min)                  $95
6:45pm                   Jazz / Tap Combo - Grades 2-4 (55 min)                                 $105

Wednesday             Instructor: Ms. Megan/*Miss Hannah                      Per session
4:15pm                  Intro to Dance* - Grades 1-3 (40 min)                                 $95
5pm                         Hip Hop Jazz* - Grades 3-6 (40 min)                                    $95
5:45pm                  Lyrical Ballet - Grades 3-6 (40 min)                                      $95
6:30pm                  Theatre Dance Combo - Grades 3-12 (90 min)             $130
8:15pm                  Jazz / Tap Combo - Grades 5 & up (55 min)                      $105

Thursday                                                                                                                         Per session
5:30pm                  Preschool Dance - Ages 4 & 5 (40 min) Ms. Tiffany          $95
6:15pm                 Hip Hop Jazz - Grades 6 & up (55 min) Ms. Megan            $105
7:15pm                  Theatre Dance Combo - Ages 18 & Older (55 min)          $130

Preschool Dance: Bouncing, clapping, singing, counting and movement, make their first experience with dance full of fun and learning. Listening and following directions, and cooperating with new friends, other than Mom and Dad is a big first step. (pink ballet shoes required)
NEW! Moving with the Mouse: Especially for the princess at your house! Music and choreography from their favorite Disney stories, along with basic ballet, jazz and character dance, will have them dancing and singing for you at next year’s performance! (Black split-soled jazz shoes required)
Jazz/Tap Combo: Traditional tap steps and vocabulary added to your Jazz class means two dances in the recital and twice the fun. (Black split soled jazz and black tap shoes with a strap required)
Intro to Dance: Dancers will be introduced to a bit of jazz, ballet, hip hop and some Broadway style song and dance. Body positions, terminology, creative movement and musicality will be explored. (Black split-soled jazz shoes required)
Hip Hop Jazz (HHJ): An energetic warm-up, combined with traditional jazz technique, will give way to pop & lock hip hop moves, turns, floor work and combinations. (Black split soled jazz shoes required)
Lyrical Ballet: Ballet technique is at the core of this class. Using beautiful lyrics and fluid movement brings the emotion of the dancer to the surface, which makes this genre so wonderful to perform and to watch. (Foot thongs required)
Theatre Dance Combo: A combination of tap, jazz, vocals, and roleplay will get your child ready to audition and perform in this year’s production of “Dandelion Dream”. Ms. Erica Valimont will be on hand to help Ms. Megan with our vocals!

Class Size: 3 & 4 yr old Preschool Dance has a maximum of 12. All other classes have a maximum of 16. Please don’t wait to register! Classes with less than 8 students will be cancelled or combined!

The Premiere Plus staff is excited about offering a quality dance program to Clawson. We hope we have answered your questions, but if you need further assistance, call (248) 229-2396  for more information or visit the Premiere Plus Recreation Dance & Theater Program Facebook page!

Don’t forget, BOGO! Dancers get half off additional classes - less expensive class reduced. Must register in-person for discount.

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