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Acting Out Kids Community Theatre


Acting Out Kids Community Theatre

Acting Out Kids Community Theatre
Hunter Community Center at 509 Fisher Court
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**Advance Registration is required for all classes**
To register, please contact us at

Kids will learn real life skills such as public speaking, building confidence, socializing, being creative, and working together as a team in a friendly, casual, non-competitive and fun environment. We offer plays, films, TV shows, classes, camps, workshops, field trips, community events and social events every month
*Advance registration is required for all classes and events. To register, please contact us at*

Acting, Improv and Broadway Basics Workshop (ages 7-18)
Kids will learn acting and improv through a variety of games, activities and skits. Kids will also learn a song and dance from a popular Broadway show.  We offer a fun, friendly, casual, and noncompetitive environment. New kids always welcome!
Friday, June 22
$10.00 per child

Fun With Acting & Improv Class - Ages 6-10
Kids will learn acting, improv and public speaking skills through a variety of acting and improv games, activities and skits. Great for building confidence, making new friends and having lots of fun! No class July 17.
June 26-July 31
Tuesdays 6:15-7pm

Broadway Bootcamp / Musical Theatre Class - Ages 8-18
Kids will have a great time singing, dancing and exploring the great Broadway shows of today! No class July 17.
July 10-August 14
Tuesdays 7-8pm

Channel Magnificent Live YouTube Show - Ages 8 to 18
Be a part of our thrilling new concept and join the Acting Out Kids to create and star in a fun new YouTube and local cable TV show. Known as America’s Worst Cable Station, bring to life Channel Magnificent’s insane shows. This will be fast-paced, fun and crazy! New show every session!
June 23-July 28
Saturdays 2:30-5pm

Film Camp - Ages 8-18
In just five days, we will work together to create a film!
August 20-24 Monday-Friday

Monthly Workshops and Social Events - Ages 8-18
We offer a Friday night workshop or social event each month. The workshops and social events are a great way for kids to make new friends and to have fun on a Friday night! The workshops and social events vary each month. Please visit our website at for dates and details about upcoming monthly workshops and social events.

*This program is not run by the City of Clawson

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